Strategic planning

The present globalized world is characterised by an increasing mobility of labour, production and capital. Individual regions and towns are competing to attract investors, tourists as well as new residents. Local and regional authorities are therefore facing the challenge of creating an attractive environment by providing favourable and balanced conditions for individual activities. Following this trend and in contrast to the previous accent on attracting external resources (foreign direct investment, major transport projects), great emphasis is now placed on improving the quality of the physical environment and stimulating local resources (financial, human) or social capital without harming the environment. Consequently, long-term sustainable development of towns and regions requires high quality conceptual management of their social and economic development. This is reflected in methods of strategic and project management, which are currently becoming ever more popular not only with businesses, but also with local and regional authorities. Nowadays, strategic planning of municipalities, towns, micro-regions and regions uses methods and instruments of the formerly dominant expert approach (a key role of external experts) as well as the newer community approach (increased participation by local residents and other stakeholders). The services of SPF Group with regard to preparation and management of strategic plans and development programmes include:

  • drawing up strategic plans, conceptual documents and programmes incl. the formulation phase
  • territorial and sectoral analyses (e.g. tourism, education)
  • qualitative and quantitative research among citizens, visitors, companies
  • preparing project databases and action plans
  • grant auditing, audits on readiness of projects and absorption capacity (see also section Preparation for EU funding from 2014)
  • specialized training in strategic planning and project management
  • presenting workshops, focus groups, community meetings, discussion forums and public hearings aimed at local and regional development

Responsible partner

Jan Vojtek

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