Process management in the public sector

Process management refers to mapping all processes and activities performed by an organisation. Its outcome is a useful tool for planning and checking processes and activities and their effective management to ensure a high level of efficiency of the organisation. Process management is applicable not only to businesses but also to public sector institutions as it helps to optimise their performance, focus on the quality of their services and adapt to new needs and changes.

Public administration is often badly affected by insufficient quality management and inefficiencies in the operation of individual institutions, which contrasts with the aim to achieve efficient and helpful public administration in compliance with the “smart administration” principle. With regard to modernizing public administration, effective management of public sector institutions incl. introducing or optimizing the process management is a key issue.

The services of SPF Group in the area of process management are provided to clients at different levels of public administration, and include:

  • analyzing the current state of processes/activities in the organisation incl. graphical methods and assessing weaknesses in the processes
  • formulating proposals to improve the process management of the organisation, optimising the capacity of the organisation and setting targets for processes
  • supporting the introduction of process changes and organizational changes
  • training employees of the organisation in the field of process management

An important issue for towns and municipalities are processes involved in the implementation of their conceptual documents. In this field, SPF Group identifies systematic ways of process management for clients and formulates documentation in the following areas:

  • strategic management
  • project management
  • financial management

Process management is also widely used in implementing funds and other instruments to support regional development. SPF Group offers formulation or optimization of:

  • operational manuals of managing authorities and intermediary bodies
  • internal processes of institutions implementing integrated strategies and other institutions participating in ESIF implementation

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