Preparation and implementation of projects

We provide services in all aspects of preparation and implementation of projects financed by the EU Structural Funds:

A. Identifying project proposals

  • consulting project proposals in terms of potential funds; answering the question: „Is my project eligible for financing by EU Structural Funds and/or by what programme?“
  • defining and verifying project proposals; the aim of this activity is to verify the main data for project implementation: schedule, budget, personnel, construction documents required to submit applications for construction projects, etc.
  • determining the time-schedule for drawing up the application for support and setting up procedures to ensure the collection of data from clients

B. Drawing up applications for funding

  • drawing up the application for funding in compliance with the requirements of the managing authority
  • drawing up all compulsory attachments to the application, e.g. feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis, project budget, etc.
  • assisting clients in collecting compulsory attachments, e.g. official copies of registers, documents proving sufficient funds, documents related to compliance with relevant environmental legislation
  • consulting engineering companies preparing construction documents for planning permission or a construction permit
  • completing the application and ensuring registration with the implementing authority

C. Managing / administering projects

  • ensuring compliance with contractual obligations specified in the contract with the managing authority. Our aim is to offer comfort to our clients by minimizing their communication with the managing authority. Services in this area include drawing up the monitoring reports including compulsory attachments, dealing with unforeseen changes identified during project implementation, organizing activities in relation to procurement, ensuring compliance with the publicity requirements, reviewing budgets, etc.

D. Monitoring projects

  • drawing up annual monitoring reports on project sustainability (a maximum of 5 years)
  • drawing up all compulsory attachments to the monitoring reports
  • participation in inspections by the implementing authority and auditing body of the corresponding programme

Responsible partner

Jiří Wiesner

Phone:  +420 603 345 391