Evaluation of EU programmes

Implementation of EU Cohesion Policy has emphasized the importance of evaluation in local and regional development. Evaluation is a compulsory part of the policy with defined rules and principles including the types and frequency of evaluation and, in some cases, the way in which it is to be carried out. Managing authorities analyse a wide variety of topics by conducting evaluations of operational programmes.

However, the aim of enhancing quality and efficiency of a policy, improving its strategy and implementation or study specific problems in general should not be limited to a single type of development policy (cohesion policy). Evaluation of individual policies and programmes is vital in all areas of local, regional and strategic development in general.

SPF Group applies modern approaches and methods and offers all types of evaluation to clients:

  • goals-based evaluation, relevance assessment evaluation, outcomes evaluation, process evaluation, impact evaluation, counterfactual evaluation, meta-evaluation,
  • strategic evaluation, ad hoc evaluation, thematic evaluation,
  • ex ante, midterm, ex post evaluation, longitude evaluation, etc.

Other evaluations and analytical activities based on evaluation methods and techniques offered to regional, national and international institutions include:

Responsible partner

Jan Vojtek

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