Environmental consulting

Achieving balance between the quality of the environment and economic and social conditions of a society is regarded as a precondition for positive development. Maintaining such balance means formulating a relevant environmental policy, implementing its principles, conducting evaluation and adopting resultant measures.

Environmental quality management requires a combination of economic, social and environmental skills. We provide strategic services in this field, look for potential funds and secure external funding for our clients´ project proposals. With regard to projects financed by EU funds, we offer management of all processes related to applying for and administering funds. We also provide technical assistance to managing authorities of operational programmes in areas aimed at the environment.

We provide strategic consulting services in the following areas: maintaining air quality, integrated pollution prevention and control, environmental impact assessment, environmental education and drawing up proposals for national legislation. Our services and activities in the field of the environment include:

A. Preparation for the programming period from 2014

We drew up the Ex-ante evaluation of the OP Environment for the 2014-2020 programming period.

B. Managing projects financed from EU funds

  • identifying potential funding for project proposals including the rate of support and quantification of the expected score for the project
  • drawing up the application for funding in electronic form
  • financial analysis of the project
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Feasibility Study and Energy Audit
  • drawing up all compulsory attachments
  • completing the application
  • incorporating comments made by implementing authorities during ex-ante evaluation
  • updating information prior to signing the grant contract
  • financial management of the project
  • drawing up mid-term, final and monitoring reports

C. Strategies, programmes and legislation

  • programmes in the field of managing air quality at national, regional and local level
  • methodological documents and manuals - maintaining air quality, integrated prevention and reducing emissions
  • proposing changes in legislation – maintaining air quality, integrated prevention and reducing emissions


  • drawing up applications for integrated permit
  • technical assistance in preparing applications for integrated permit
  • applying requirements for energy efficiency within the regulatory framework of integrated prevention and emissions reduction
  • SEA: drawing up environmental impact assessment and assessment of impact on public health for strategies, policies, plans and programmes prepared and adopted by authorities at local, regional or national level; formulating and organizing consultation with the public; methodological assistance in the field of SEA Impact assessment on sustainable development in compliance with the Building Act

Responsible partner

Petr Honskus

e-mail:  honskus@spfgroup.org
Phone:  +420 606 686 997